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    2023 Vexus VX VX21

    One look and you’ll know; these fired-up, next gen machines are engineered like no other rig in their class. Evolved from literally centuries of combined design and development expertise, the VX Series is revolutionizing what true quality, performance, strength, space, and innovation can be. No longer is the status quo acceptable. No longer are mundane, glass platforms adequate. And no longer will anglers have to settle for outdated standards. 


    With bold symmetry and an aggressive stance, every Vexus® VX model represents a rebellion against those old and tired norms. From looks to layout and ride to rewards, every VX design is an incredibly advanced structure - built FOR structure.  Inside and out, it’s game-changing innovation, precision-crafted to overwhelmingly raise the bar.  


    The hull and deck, themselves, are drastically different. Hand built with Infused Composite Construction™, every part of our high-tech fiberglass formula is vacuum-infused for optimum glass-to-resin ratios as well as repeatable consistency. With our exclusive hull lamination schedule and quadraxial glass composition, the makeup of these hulls is revolutionary – just one of a series of First-and-Best-in-Class™ features. Lighter, faster, stronger, drier, and smoother, these rigs were made for top-end acceleration and rough water domination. The performance-enhanced hulls not only include water-gripping strakes for more responsive handling and a far superior ride but also scooped hull-sides with secondary spray rails for the driest of runs and head-turning good looks. Every aspect of the deeper vee construction was digitally drawn and mastered while real world testing confirmed the break-through advantages.    


    The exceptional finish on a VX also clearly stands out in a crowd. While hi-endurance gel-coat covers the hull bottom, our multi-stage, Hard Case™ paint surrounds the rest of the rig with an incredible shield. The new-era, color armor is unrivaled; setting the highest standards for durability, shine, strength, and worry-free maintenance. Plus, it’s a hands-down winner in chemical, scratch, impact, gas, and even salt spray resistance tests. Bow to stern, this performance-proven, post paint process means your rig stays sharp without the worry of sunbaked chalking, cracking, and crazing so common in ordinary gel-coat and poliflake surfaces.


    Elsewhere, VX models also include a lower center of gravity with raised lifting strakes as well as a keel-forward design that adds a whole new level of balance, handling, and stability to fishing. Feature after feature, these rigs were expressly built for our Total Performance Machine™ label - long before the first glass was laid into the mold.  


    Inside, you’ll find room, room, and more room. There’s more space on the raised front deck and in the cockpit, more depth and capacity in the compartments, more room for flush-mounting larger electronics, and a dizzying amount of space for a world of rods. Even the shape of the lids and rod tubes allows more room for stowing and retrieving rods. The front deck is massive as the forked-bow design opens up square footage, giving anglers plenty of room for flippin’ and pitchin’ in tight spots. When it comes to dryness, gear storage is incredibly well-protected. Boxes include reinforced, sealed liners as well as taller moisture barriers, deeper drainage channels, form-fitting weather trim, and heavy-duty, stainless steel compression latches. Rod compartments also feature larger, oval-entry, closed tip tubes. Everywhere you look, the VX series is upping the game.  


    To that point, it’s another reason for a different surface on the forward, center rod lid. With the benefit of custom-fitted, water-repelling EVA rubber, this area has been transformed into the ultimate work station – without the worry of soggy carpet dampening your day.


    Looking aft, the cockpit enjoys even more space with added leg room and easy in/out movement to and from the helm. The striking contours and aggressive lines of the performance-bred console not only balance the bold look of the whole but also open up the dash to flush-mounting huge 16” electronics. GPS digital gauges receive data directly from the outboard with no leaky hoses or clogged pick-up tubes to worry with. Also, on the helm, our passive keyless ignition with remote fob brings even more versatility with multi-function switches and automotive-style security.  


    Reinforcing the advanced comfort of our high-performance bucket seats, anglers everywhere will appreciate the secure ride and feel of AirWave® suspension systems on the driver/passenger seating. This shock-absorbing design works hand-in-hand with our all-new VX hull to deliver the absolute smoothest ride on the water.  


    Between the high-performance bucket seats, our exclusive Cold Spot™ cooler not only helps keep a long-lasting polar chill on drinks and snacks but also features a dry tray for sandwiches and other carry-ons. Plus, the handy location doesn’t take up valuable storage space. Just behind the seating, we’ve built a pair of dual net storage slots, taking the traditional net location out from under foot while keeping it close, secure, and easy to reach.  


    Even more advantages and advancements dominate the vast rear deck. Beyond the massive storages equipped with our Dri-Max™ moisture barrier and wide-open access to batteries and pumps, the livewell on these rigs is a huge leap forward in conservation and total confidence. For ages, the same basic designs have routinely been added to bass boats. Today, our Intensive Care™ Livewell System (Patent Pending) takes the well-being of your catch as seriously as you do. Surrounding your fish with an even better environment than they came out of, this 21st century innovation is pioneering a whole new approach to conservation. With it, those last-dash rough water runs have met their match. While every VX well has a standard level of fill, when this design is fully topped off, the pressure-filled level virtually eliminates water slosh, delivering an incredibly smooth, secure ride for the fish – whatever the size of the waves and chop. Coupled with an Oxygenator and cull view lids, this groundbreaking feature is one more reminder that This Changes Everything™. 


    Among the additional, countless extras on a VX rig are the built-in mounting sites for shallow water anchors, an external charging meter station, retractable ladder with digital safety switch, a full transom helping protect against accidental backwash, striker plates on box latches to protect the deck finish, an oversized, stainless steel bow eye plate, ultra-bright LED interior lighting, larger baffled fuel tank, and exponentially more efficient power delivered with our state-of-the-art wiring harnesses. Even the trailers have been completely re-designed with integrated fender storage, our exclusive Hard Case™ paint, Victor-Shield™ UV-stabilized polyurea coating on the frame, custom 17-inch wheels, full license plate holder, and a world of redundant LED lighting.  


    Bow to stern, every line on these rigs flows with complex detail, focused purpose, and mind-numbing newness. It’s a symphony of innovation, built on a platform of precision.  The fiberglass VX Series from Vexus™. More than a new look… this is an all-out Revolution in Quality, Innovation, and Total Performance. Experience the future of fishing and take home a whole new level of performance. Launch to load, this is a ground-breaking obsession, Built To Pull You Close… And Then Blow You Away™.












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    Aluminum Bass Boats




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    21' 11" | Rod Box: 8' 10" Port / 8' 4" Center





    Fuel Capacity

    58 gal